How Do I File A Fireworks Complaint In Minneapolis?

Turns out, you don't have many options when trying to deal with the jerk down the street.

It's way past midnight. You're tired after shepherding a backyard barbecue from start to successful finish, despite the best efforts of a hungry dog, running children, tipsy friends, and a negligent cook. And the jerk across the alley from your bedroom decided it's a great time to light off those big, booming fireworks she drove all the way to Hudson, Wisconsin to get.

The Minneapolis Police Department has a special request for you: Please don't call 911. They would give you a big hug if you didn't, letting them watch out for genuine public safety problems instead (like if one of those fireworks lights a house or reveler on fire). If you'd like to report a fireworks disturbance, they're asking you to use this online form, instead.

You can always get back at your jerk of a neighbor in the morning with some music, when they're trying to keep daylight and a hangover at bay.


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