Labor Day Gas Prices: So Where's the Cheapest Gas Near Minneapolis?

You can find the local prices at gas stations using the interactive map below.

Click here for a full-screen view of the gas price map. If you don't see a map of the Minneapolis area, click the magnifying glass in the upper right to enter your address.

Nationwide, gas prices have been dropping as we get close to Labor Day. The map above, courtesy of Mapquest, can help you find the cheapest one near your home, or along whatever route you're driving this weekend. 

And remember: In addition to scouting our cheap options, you might be able to control how much gas your car burns. 

AAA offered these tips:

  • Properly inflate your tires
  • Avoid flooring the accelerator and slamming on the brakes
  • Drive the speed limit
  • Keep up-to-date on routine vehicle maintenance
Mike B. August 30, 2013 at 11:30 AM
Gas prices have just spiked again, primarily because President Obama is planning to get the USA involved in a civil war in Syria. The USA should stay out of this internal conflict. The Syrian civil war is between forces in which both sides are the "bad guys." And in any case, the Arab League should mediate. We need an "America First" policy. The USA is always getting into Democrat Wars... WWI with President Wilson, WWII with FDR, Korea with Truman, and Vietnam with Kennedy and Johnson (and it was Richard Nixon who was forced to clean up the mess).


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