Where Does Minneapolis Get its Public School Funds?

The Minneapolis Public Schools District has recently updated its website with a variety of resources to help residents understand school finance.

With the Minneapolis Public Schools District facing a $25 million shorfall in the next school year, the finance department presented a preliminary budget proposal March 15.

Among the changes called for in the proposal was the cutting of 50 staff members at the central office, the addition or 12 English as a Second Language teachers, reduction of full-day kindergarden at some schools and the shifting of funds between different accounts.

What do you think of the budget proposal? Take the district's survey.

As far as where the district gets its money, there are a variety of revenue streams including local property taxes, the State of Minnesota and the federal government.

The majority of the funds come from the state. Attached to this article is a PDF that breaks down of all the funding sources for Minneapolis schools. The information was provided by the district on its website.


More resources:

  • Resource: Understanding Property Tax Levies
  • Resource: What is a District's 'General Fund' Balance?
  • Resource: Minneapolis Schools Budget Challenges and Risks

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