Need Financial Help to Apply to College?

Local public schools are trying to open the door.

As recent disputes over the University of Minnesota's tuition hikes attest, higher education is barely accessible for many, despite its billing as necessary to secure anything better than a job flipping burgers.

Many families struggle with sticker shock when they look at the tuition charged by their children's dream schools, thinking they won't ever be able to pay. To help them, the Minneapolis Public Schools have organized a series of workshops this winter to guide college applicants through the process of applying for financial aid from colleges and the federal government. 

According to an announcement from the school district:

Students and families will have the opportunity to complete the FAFSA and receive information about tax preparation available to them. The FAFSA is required for any student seeking federal and state financial aid—including grants, loans and work study—to attend any college in the country.  

Students and families should bring the following information to their FAFSA workshop to complete the form:

  • Social Security number
  • Alien or UCIS registration number if you are not a U.S. citizen
  • Driver’s license number, if you have one
  • Last year’s tax information or tax returns for student and parents
  • Information on savings, investments and business and farm assets for students and parents
  • Records of untaxed income

The workshops will be held:

Location Date / Time Contact Edison High School, 700 22nd Ave. NE. February 11 (9 a.m. - noon) , February 26 (3 - 4:30 p.m.) Nora GuerinCareer & College Center Coordinator 
nora.guerin@mpls.k12.mn.us Henry High School, 4320 Newton .Ave N.

February 12 (4-5:30 p.m.), February 19 (11 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.)

Quinton BondsCareer & College Center Coordinator612.668.2008
quinton.bonds@mpls.k12.mn.us North High School, 1500 N. James Ave.

February 13 (9 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.), February 23 (1 - 4 p.m.), February 28 (4 - 8 p.m.)

Tiffany EnriquezCareer & College Center Coordinator 
612.668.1719 and 612.643.2085
Roosevelt High School, 4029 28th Ave. S.

February 6 (9 a.m. - 3 p.m.), February 12 (6 - 7:30 p.m.), February 28 (4 - 8 p.m.)

Christina McGeeCareer & College Center Coordinator 
South High School, 3131 S. 19th Ave.

February 13 (5 - 7 p.m.), February 27 (2 - 4 p.m.), March 11 (2 - 4 p.m.)

Anne Erickson

Career & College Center Coordinator 

Southwest High School, 3414 W. 47th St.  February 12 (3 - 5 p.m.), March 12 (2:30 - 4:30 p.m.) Katherine Van PernisCareer & College Center Coordinator 
Katherine.VanPernis@mpls.k12.mn.us Washburn High School, 201 W. 49th St. February 9 (9 a.m. - noon), February 20 (3 - 6 p.m.), March 13 (3 - 6 p.m.) Reggie PerkinsCareer & College Center Coordinator 


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