Minneapolis Teens Help Classmates Prep For City Buses

This fall, Minneapolis Public Schools send high schoolers to class on Metro Transit.

This fall, high schoolers across Minneapolis . 

But as any first-time Metro Transit rider can tell you, the experience can be pretty disorienting, if not outright scary. How can you tell which stop to get off at if the bus doesn't run in front of your destination? How do you find the right line if you have to transfer in the middle of a strange neighborhood? How do you even use a Go-To Card?

To help their classmates get ready for the big switchover, students from the Minneapolis Youth Congress are filming a video guide for first-timers, according to think-tank Minnesota 2020. The Congress is a citywide body that represents young people in the halls of power. , the group has helped pilot the use of Go-To Cards as a way to get high schoolers to and from class, jobs, and volunteer opportunities.

Mary Pat Ruff July 20, 2012 at 03:49 PM
Is the Met council Changing the route so it goes near Washburn, Not 6 blocks away?
Nainsai Warfield August 24, 2012 at 06:23 PM
yes! PLEASE!!! be respectful of ALL passengers and drivers. Be courteous. Give up your seat to someone who is handicap, elder, a mother w/ a young child, etc (obvious candidates). Swearing, loud headphones, loud phone calls, distasteful sexual, substance use, inappropriate conversation shouldn't be tolerated. This happens too often on our city buses and too, too often goes without consequence. Most passengers simply want to commute to and from destinations w/o being harrassed. The many actions that disrespectful people do while utilizing the city bus is nothing less than public harrassment (these are done by not only, but mostly youth). Bus drivers and passengers shouldn't have to be subjected to such treatment. Not EVERY one has the privilege to drive; many people have NO choice but to rely on public transportation. I can NOT stress it enough to the students who have used, use and WILL begin using buses to PLEASE at least act like your mom or dad is sitting right next to you (or some adult that you wouldn't act like or talk like a fool in front of..). Act like you have SOME respect!. Be mindful with your words, your tone when you're talking, your music volume, your personal business when you're on the phone or talking to your friend (no one wants to hear about your personal life and if you had ANY self-respect, you wouldn't WANT anyone to hear your business).We already have a HUGE problem with disobedience and disrespect on our city buses.Help BE the change PEACE & UNITY
Nainsai Warfield August 24, 2012 at 06:38 PM
The students do not pay for the go-to passes. the go-to passes completely replaces the old yellow school buses. So no more student school buses (at least not at my daughters school: Washburn). All students whom attend Washburn get the go-to cards from Washburn (maybe other schools are participating, as well, i don't know; i'm guessing Washburn isn't the ONLY particpating school)) -- UNLESS the school that the student attends is NOT within their school district. In that case, as far as i've been told, they're on their own. Not positive bout that though. Now that I think about it, last year, i remember thinking how it wasn't fair that my sons friends who went to Washburn but didn't live in the Washburn school district DID get go-to cards provided by the school but my kids didn't because we were "too close" for school bus to get them and "not far enough" to be eligable for the go-to card (again which was provided for free to the out-of-district kids). the guideline was a 2 mile radius of Washburn and we were on the cusp of it so i thought it was kinda bs, but now i'm glad for the go-to cards this year. i only hope it won't cause too much caos to our alreay VERY over-crowded and disorderly passenger problem on our city buses. I'd love to see more order and consequence on our unruly city buses. It's not easy taking the bus...it's quite troubling actually and usually ends my rides with splitting headaches.
Nainsai Warfield August 24, 2012 at 06:46 PM
Yes. City buses have always gone up and down Nicolett Ave. Washburn is just off of 50th and Nicolett. I don't understand what you mean by "6 blocks away" from Washburn. There are 4 bus stops on Nicolett located about half a block, or less, from Washburn. 2 traveling northbound and 2 traveling southbound.
Anna Schier August 24, 2012 at 07:36 PM
Thanks for sharing this information, Nainsai!


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