High Schooler-Produced Documentary To Air Tonight

What's the difference between graduating from Southwest versus North High School?

What does it mean to graduate from one high school in Minneapolis versus another? 

Two students each from and North High School took that question to their classmates as the school year wound down, aiming to make a documentary about the experience of graduation. The students learned things about their classmates, according a video they made to promote their project, which airs tonight on Jazz 88.5 KBEM at 9 p.m. But the production process turned into a learning process for the four students reporters, too.

"I learned a lot," one said in the same promo video. "I saw a whole other side of Minnesota I'd never seen." 

"It showed me the overwhelming diversity just in this city, in less than one half of this city on four diff roads," said another. "It's been really enlightening about just how big this city is(...)It makes me excited to graduate."

The radio documentary will be broadcast as part of the season finale for Parent Voices Talk Radio Show, a weekly program on KBEM led by parents and community members.


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