Seminar Series: Master Teacher Mother Clare Watts

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 2540 Pleasant Ave Minneapolis MN 55404  See map

The Center of Light Seminar Series Hosts Master Teacher Mother Clare Watts

Aug 16 - 19th Series of Seminars: Thursday 7:30 pm; Friday Eve, 7:30 pm and Sat Morning 10:00 - 2:00 (includes lunch)
$10, $10, $15 respectively

Thursday Event: Grace Blessings:
The blessing of a Master Spiritual Teacher is powerful and life-changing, and a rare opportunity to receive graces and healing. Through the Love of a Spiritual Master we are given the gift of moving to a new place spiritually before earning it. This is the gift Mother Clare brings us on this special evening.

Friday: Higher Worlds
Have you ever wondered if there are really other planes of existence besides the physical world in which we live? Many people have heard stories or had experiences of these realms only to be invalidated by a culture which does not believe in things it cannot see. The spiritual world is a vast expanse of consciousness and energetic vibration which is much higher than that of the physical world. One's spiritual senses must be cultivated and activated through prayer and meditation in order to relate to the higher worlds. Come and begin to reclaim your spiritual senses and experience these realities for yourself.
Saturday: World Peace: Practices of the Mystics that Help Bring Peace on Earth
Most everyone wants peace in their hearts and in their minds.  The secret desire of human hearts and souls is for there to be peace among peoples, nations, and individuals.  How can each one of us play a part in making this a reality?  What spiritual practices actually make us transform into beings who live in peace and work toward peace in the world?  Come join Mother Clare Watts as she describes the practices of the mystics that help bring peace to the earth.
. Come and begin to reclaim your spiritual senses and experience these realities for yourself.

Mother Clare Watts is an ordained Priest and Master Teacher in the Order of Christ Sophia. She began her early training in the late 1970s after studying in yoga ashrams and a Sufi training school. In 1984, she was ordained a Minister-Deacon in the mystical Christian tradition, and served as such in Kentucky and later in Massachusetts, where she was ordained a Priest in 1996 and a Master Teacher in 2001. She is the co-founder and co-director of the Order of Christ Sophia, which operates 11 Centers of Light around the United States. Mother Clare wears purple robes, signifying her standing as a Master Teacher, equivalent to a Guru in the Eastern traditions.


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