Armatage School Launches Biggest Fundraiser of the Year

Family Fun Walk an innovative approach to fundraising challenge.

Saturday morning, Armatage Montessori students and parents will be trying to raise $25,000 to help their school.But instead of a bake sale, or going door-to-door hawking wrapping paper, the school community is trying something a little different—a walk-a-thon around the school. Each student, save the youngest ones, will be gunning for six laps around the school and around Armatage Park."It's a good way for us to raise money while promoting health and fitness," said Becky Dosse, the event coordinator for the school PTA. "We're usually able to raise quite a bit of money with this event."The carnival-like walkathon will include a bouncy castle, yoga, hopscotch, a scooter race, and many vendors selling things like smoothies, coffee, and hot chocolate, Dosse said. City Church, a Christian church that meets in Armatage's auditorium on Sundays, traditionally cooks a gigantic pancake breakfast for walk participants, too."It's a real community event. It brings a good vibe to the school," Dosse said. The money will go to fund field trips and micro-grants to classroom teachers to buy supplies and fund special projects, Dosse said.


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