Are You A Helicopter Parent?

Kingfield group hosting discussions on the pluses—and minuses—of very involved parenting.

The phrase "helicopter parent" is, to many middle-class mothers and fathers, a swear word.

To them, doing everything you can to make sure your kids are set for success is a recipe for a neurotic, over-stressed child. To others, the idea of letting a youth wander unsupported in the social, sexual, and emotional minefield of adolescence would be the height of parental neglect.

Next week, a Kingfield group is trying to host a discussion between parents on both sides of that divide. Leonardo's Basement is holding a free, moderated discussion of the pro's and con's of helicopter parenting. The discussion is to be the first in a series on parenting and education.

As Leonardo's Basement puts it:

Your middle school son gets detention at school. You:

  • Talk to the teacher and see if her story reconciles with your son's. And, in any case, you tell him he better shape up.
  • Talk to all your friends about how mean the principal is.
  • Schedule an appointment with the principal to argue your son's case.
  • Call your lawyer and threaten to sue the principal. 

All parents hover a little. Where do you fall on the helicopter parent spectrum?


On Monday, anyone who would like to participate are invited to Leonardo's Basement under Anodyne Coffeehouse from 7:00 p.m. to 9 p.m. Pre-registration is required, though, for the free event. Questions should be directed to info@leonardosbasement.org or 612-824-4394


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