Æbleskivers? Æble-what?

Two Armatage moms are cooking up a unique treat to raise money for their children's school.

They’re round, golden, and oh, so tasty.

No, not doughnuts—the latest in foodie fashion—but a traditional Danish treat called Æbleskivers that two Armatage families have made for years, and that they’re now sharing with their neighbors to raise money for .

Jill Bjornholm, whose family is of Danish descent, and Cari Gregerson, whose husband is Danish, are offering to bring spreads of the spherical treats, piping hot and with all the traditional trimmings, to people who donate to their children’s elementary school in Southwest Minneapolis.

Think of Æbleskivers like round pancakes. Inside a crisp outer shell, the light and fluffy dough—the product of a lot of well-whipped egg whites—is slightly sweet, and frequently stuffed with little treats, like ham and cheese, apples, chocolate squares, or jam. In fact, the name translates from Danish as “apple slices,” reflecting their most common filling.

Those fillings are perhaps the trickiest, but most gastronomically rewarding part of the dish. Æbleskivers aren’t made in molds. Instead, you take advantage of the dough’s slow cooking time to rotate it by quarter turns in the hemispherical hollows of a special pan. As the dough oozes down from inside the already-cooked half, a little hollow opens up, letting you pop your favorite, mouth-watering filling in before rotating the balls one more time to seal the treat inside.

Jean Bornholdt February 02, 2012 at 09:10 PM
very cool. someday Ill have to try them. Ill even eat the rejects!!


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