50th and France Parking Set for a Boost

Edina plans third new garage where retail once stood.

When real estate professionals talk about the 50th and France area as being a regional destination, they mean it—and a recent decision by the Edina City Council shows just how much of a draw it is.

According to the Star Tribune, the city plans to tear down the Edina Realty building at 3930 West 49½ Street, and build a new parking ramp in its place.

The ramp would be the third such structure on that block 49½ Street. The new ramp would add over 100 new spaces, after business owners complained that the number of parking stalls wasn't up to snuff, and the city's own plans showing it falling short of its parking targets by over 100 spaces.

The Star Tribune did not say whether Edina had considered using mass transit to reduce the demand for parking spaces.

The city may also add commercial space below the parking structure, and construction could start as early as the fall.

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James Sanna March 05, 2013 at 02:48 PM
We've been chatting about this over on our Facebook page. Here's what a couple readers had to say, but I'm still wondering if any of you readers have a sense of what one might need to do to use mass transit to soak up some of this traffic coming in from outside the neighborhood. Jeannie Granaas: "Oh, silly reporter/editor/everything, this IS Edina, for the most part, that we're talkin' about -- bus? -- pfffffft...If you're wondering -- I grew up in that area and don't take myself or anything else too seriously -- obviously..." Cedar Imboden Phillips: "No kidding. Bus service to 50th and France is significantly worse than when I was younger. How's the biking over there? How many people are arriving on foot or by bike? It seems a shame to lose a building and existing businesses just to make room for more parking spots. Keep going at that rate and there will be plenty of spaces to park, but not much to enjoy after you arrive. I hope they've done due diligence analyzing the current situation and considering all the options, including appropriate pricing (yes, pricing, at least potentially) for garages and meters, or creative options for employee parking. Managing parking is essential for a business district, but that does not automatically mean that the answer is to just build more parking spots!"


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