Twin Cities Rabbis Denounce Marriage Amendment

Southwest Minneapolis' Shir Tikvah has led the charge against the measure.

The Minnesota Rabbinical Association announced Monday that they have signed a statement going on the record in opposition to a proposed constitutional amendment that would write a ban on same-sex marriage into the Minnesota constitution, according to the Star-Tribune.

Such a ban is already part of current state law.

The rabbis' statement says the amendment "seeks to continue the practice of leaving individual families within the LGBT community vulnerable and unprotected by the law. To honor an individual is to fight against discrimination in society for any reason, including race, religion, natural origin, gender, age or sexual orientation.

"Throughout history the Jewish community has faced discrimination, and therefore we will not stand by while others are targeted."

Southwest Minneapolis' synagogue has in the forefront of opposition to the marriage amendment. The congregation to the main group organizing opposition to the amendment. , they're leaders in a local movement trying to redefine the "values voter."


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