(UPDATED) Shutdown Day 13: The Grind Goes On

Minnesota is now in its 13th day of a government shutdown.

The state shutdown is now in Day 13 and Minnesota is still without a budget deal, but Republican leaders said Tuesday that they're .

“We are within less than one-half of one percent on these funding bills to bring back 16,000 employees,” House Majority Leader Matt Dean (R-District 52B) said of six bills presented by Republicans Tuesday. “That is to say we are 99.5 percent in agreement with the governor” on these six bills.

Dean added : “Throughout the session, the governor has always said, ‘I will not agree to anything without agreeing to everything,’ and (the shutdown) is what you get when you have that mindset.”

Other Republican leaders were critical of Dayton's all-or-nothing approach, but the governor has has held to his promise that he will not sign any bills until he has a complete budget in place. Dayton’s preferred method of closing the $1.4 billion gap between proposed budgets remains an increased income tax on Minnesota’s 7,700 wealthiest residents (see attached PDF for details on Dayton's proposal).

The governor, who was in St. Cloud Tuesday, will continue his statewide tour to discuss the shutdown with Wednesday stops in Rochester and Albert Lea, MPR reports.

Dayton said he is making the trips to communicate to Minnesotans what is at stake for them in the budget talks.

“It is important that all of our voices are heard so we can come to a balanced, reasonable compromise as quickly as possible,” he said on Tuesday.

MPR reports that despite the tour, Dayton is available to negotiate. Republican leaders also said they are ready to meet, but no formal talks are scheduled.

Patch will continue to provide updates on the shutdown both here and on our Facebook page and Twitter at @SWMplsPatch #shutdown.

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