Roseville's John Marty Says He'll Run Again For State Senate

Marty's announcement sets up contest with Mary Jo McGuire, another state senator who now resides in the same legislative venue due to redistricting.

Sen. John Marty, DFL- Roseville, said today (Friday) he is seeking re-election to the Minnesota Senate in newly-drawn District 66—even though that means running against one of his Democratic friends. 

In press release, Marty said, “I am proud of my bold leadership for Minnesota – from successful government ethics and campaign finance reform, to passage of environmental protection and mental health legislation.”  District 66 includes portions of Roseville and St. Paul, and all of Lauderdale and Falcon Heights.

Marty's decision comes after he pondered whether to go up against Sen. Mary Jo McGuire, a fellow DFLer. The location of Marty’s Lydia Avenue home means he will share the new District 66 with McGuire.   

For Marty, the  announced this week was unwelcome news. He said he and McGuire are colleagues and friends.

"It is very difficult. It is awkward," Marty told Roseville Patch about waging the DFL race against McGulire. But he said the two of them talked Friday afternoon and both decided they want to seek re-election. 

Marty said he feels compelled to run again because of his agenda and seniority. Marty was first elected to the Minnesota Legislature in 1986 and was the DFL candidate for governor in 1994.

Asked what he will do if doesn't get the DFL endorsement, Marty said he will abide by the convention's decision and won't run in a primary. 

Meanwhile, McGuire is in her first term as a state senator but was elected several times to the state House. She could not be reached for immediate comment. 

Marty said he has a reputation for consistently standing up to the most powerful lobbyists in Minnesota.  Marty is former chair of both the Senate Environment Committee and the Senate Health Committee.

And through the years, he has been a vocal opponent of public subsidies for professional sports stadiums, most notably now the Minnesota Vikings stadium plans. 

“I am honored by the support of the voters, and will work hard to earn their continued support and trust," Marty said in his statement. “I will continue to provide bold, ethical leadership to restore public trust in Government.  As author of Minnesota's government ethics law, and campaign finance reform legislation, I walk the talk."

Marty reiterated that his campaign will not accept PAC money or campaign contributions from special interests. “I work for the public interest, not the special interests.”

Brandon Lancaster February 25, 2012 at 05:09 AM
I don't understand why politicians don't retire, find a real job, and let someone new represent the district.
Mike Boguszewski February 25, 2012 at 04:10 PM
I'm surprised Sen. Marty is promising up front to not take it to a primary if he's not endorsed - he has a lot of supporters out there - and for that matter, so does Sen. McQuire. Anyone remember that it was Margaret Anderson Kelliher who got the DFL endorsement for governor, but then Dayton took the actual nomination in a primary? So - was it DFL insiders and party hacks for Kelliher, and the people spoke out for Dayton? Or was it Dayton money and name-recognition who "stole" the governorship away from whom the people really wanted, Kelliher? Sen. Marty's and Sen. McQuire's supporters might consider telling them it's premature for EITHER of them to promise they won't desire a primary. If there's no primary, then Marty and McQuire don't have to campaign to the people - they only have to campaign to the short-list of "party regulars" elected as convention delegates at the DFL caucuses earlier this month. Maybe that roster of delegates would have been more representative, if anyone had suspected the redistricting would end up like it did, and that going to caucus and becoming a delegate would actually MEAN something this year. Seems to me it would be more representative and more democratic if both Marty and McGuire promised they WOULD give the people a primary, no matter who wins the endorsement of party "insiders" later this month!
Tim Johnson February 26, 2012 at 06:19 PM
First he took PAC money, then he didn't. He refused donations over $25, then he didn't. That's not ethics, that's political expediency and there's nothing bold about that.


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