Ron Paul To Get MN Nod At GOP National Convention

Southwest Minneapolis gave Paul strong support in February's caucuses.

Ron Paul could win Minnesota's GOP delegates, .

Citing the chair of the state's delegates our fellow Minnesota site says 32 of 40 delegates with nominating votes will cast theirs for Paul at the Republican National Convention next week.

I don’t think Mitt Romney is a strong candidate,” she said. “He represents old ideas and what the party has stood for over the last couple of decades, which is not necessarily what the voters want.” 

While there remain rank and file Republicans who are “still sore” following Ron Paul’s strong showing in Minnesota’s caucus back in February, Stebbins says she has been feeling more acceptance of late and believes many in the party recognize Ron Paul’s level of support.

Paul in the February caucuses, winning 113 of the 304 Republican votes cast. Mitt Romney came in second with 94 votes. Because of this victory, and many others like it throughout the state, Paul supporters managed to get themselves elected to the state GOP convention in droves, ensuring a large number of delegates would support Paul at the national convention.

We've reached out to the two delegates from Southwest Minneapolis, and will update this story as soon as we hear from them.


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