Republican Delegates Endorse Roseville's Mark Fotsch for New House District 66A

Fotsch unopposed in candidacy.


Update: (Saturday afternoon, March 31):

Republican delegates to the new House District 66A endorsed Mark Fotsch, who was unopposed, for state representative.


Original post (5 p.m. Friday, March 30)

Delegates to the Republican Senate District 66 convention will convene at 1 p.m. Saturday, March 31 at  the Fairview Community Center, 1910 W. County Road B in Roseville.   

As of mid-week, Mark Fotsch was the only announced candidate seeking GOP endorsement to run for state House District 66A against DFL incumbent Alice Hausman,  said Mike Boguszewski, Republican chairman of the former House District 54A . "As people may know, Mark is seeking endorsement for his second campaign -- he also ran for Minnesota  House in 2010."

Fotsch, a resident of Roseville since 2006, is a business analyst at United Health Group. He and his wife Lori Kirschenmann have three children. He was graduated with a bachelor of science degree from Carroll College in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Meanwhile, as of mid-week, there was no announced candidate seeking GOP endorsement for Senate District 66, Boguszewski said. "If no one steps forward to seek the nomination on Saturday, then the Republcans would need to call a special Senate district endorsing convention later if someone does desire it down the road."

With the recent legislative redistricting, state House District 66A includes most of Roseville that is south of County Road C and west of Snelling Avenue. That is about three-quarters of Roseville, with seven of the city's 10 precincts in this new House district,Boguszewski said. The new House District 66A also includes Falcon Heights and some precincts in St Paul around Falcon Heights, he said.

Meanwhile, Roseville's three other precincts ( which are north and east of County Road C and Snelling Avenue) are now in House District 42B.

Because of the legislative redistricting, the Senate District 66 convention will also ratify a new constitution reflecting the change in district boundaries Boguszewski said. It will also elect local Republican leaders as well as delegates to the  U.S. Congressional District and state Republican conventions to be held in the next several months. 



Tim Johnson March 30, 2012 at 11:47 PM
With the recent announcement that the Greyhound Bus Company will not serve the soon to be renovated St. Paul Union depot where they were to be a key tenant, one of Rep. Hausman's pet projects, we need someone to represent Roseville who is focussed on important issues like education and creating more PERMANENT jobs. We don't need anymore failed pipedreams like this which are meerly corporate welfare and create only temporary jobs. Vote for Mark!


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