POLL: What Should Rybak Tell the Democratic National Convention?

Last Minneapolis mayor to address DNC became a famous senator.

According to the Star-Tribune, Minneapolis Mayor RT Rybak is slated to address the 2012 Democratic National Convention next month in Charlotte, NC. 

The last Minneapolis mayor to address the DNC was Hubert H. Humphrey, in 1948. While the 2012 election is arguably less fraught with tension than that one—Democrats were debating whether or not to support civil rights, and worried sick that a progressive step would alienate white Southern voters—Humphrey's speech catapulted him to national fame, possibly helping HHH win a Senate seat later that year.

While Rybak tossed cold water on that idea when Strib reporter Eric Roper brought it up ("To me, this will be the easiest job in the world, because the president's done so much and the contrast is so great," Rybak said.), the mayor's topic isn't set yet, so we think you should give the mayor a hand.

One wag on Twitter (who also happens to be our Fridley Patch editor) has been sharing some suggestions under the hashtag #RybakDNCtopics, like this one:

"Poor Mitt. He can't help it. He was born with a silver Spoonbridge and Cherry™ in his mouth."

What are your tips?


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