Nate Atkins For MN House District 61B

Atkins is running with the nickname "Honey Badger"

General Information

Name: Nate Atkins

Age: 36

Place of Residence: 5508 Bryant Ave South



Attended College: Yes

College: University of Minnesota

Degree: Architecture 

Year of Graduation:

Grad school

Employment Information

Job titles held: Service coordinator


Political Information

Party affiliation: Republican

Running for a: State Office

Running for position: MN State House

Chamber/district: 61B

Incumbant: No

First elected: Never

Previous elective offices: None

Unsuccessful bids for offices: Yes (MN House District 63A, 2010)

Party HQ


Campaign Manager

Name : 

Title :


Website : honeybadgerforhouse.org

Other facts

Nate “Honey Badger” Atkins is a born and raised Minnesota dude who lives in the Kenny neighborhood of Minneapolis. He has a beautiful little girl who just turned 9 and it is kind of freaking him out.

When Nate is not busy with his day job, he enjoys spending time with his daughter and his girlfriend, working on his house, and just being an awesome “Honey Badger” kind of guy.

The “Honey Badger” nickname was given to him by some co-workers because of his reluctance to give a sh!t, his fearlessness, and the tenacity with which he gets things done. He believes it is time we had a representative who isn’t going to give a sh!t about corporate interests, lobbyists, or their wicked, enabling, government brethren. Someone who will smack the sh!t out of them (figuratively, of course) just as a honey badger smacks the sh!t out of a cobra.


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