Linden Hills, Fulton Streets Get A Makeover

Repaving is the first since 1968.

Tired of divots and cracks on your street? Hopefully, this will help: This year, the city is planning to resurface 19 streets in Linden Hills and Fulton that aren't already scheduled for major repairs or reconstruction.

The streets haven't gotten this kind of attention since 1968, the Public Works Department's proposal says. The project will cost about $2.9 million, with the money raised from residents on the resurfaced streets, with non-residential property owners paying $0.56 per square foot, and owners of residential properties paying $0.20 per square foot. Pending City Council approval, a hearing on the assessments is scheduled for Feb. 14.

Essentially every street in Linden Hills, save Xerxes Avenue, Sheridan Avenue, West Lake Calhoun Parkway, 44th Street, and Linden Hills Boulevard. The city is also proposing to resurface Upton Avenue from 43rd Street do 54th Street in Fulton.


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