Last Call for Election Letters to the Editor!

Patch staff will stop inputting letters to the editors on Oct. 28. After that, you can upload them as an announcement.

Patch readers have taken an active part in making their voice heard during this year’s election. They’ve written numerous letters to the editor, starting from the time candidates filed to run for office. 

In order to ensure all sides have an adequate chance to respond before the Nov. 6 Election Day, Patch will not accept letters to the editor after Sunday, Oct. 28.

This does not mean you have to stop sharing your thoughts here on Patch. After Oct. 28, readers can post their opinions about candidates on Patch’s announcement page. Just select “Government” from the categories menu. Be sure to include your real name and hometown at the end of your letter. Letters without this information will be deleted.

Announcements are published in Patch’s e-mail newsletter and could be posted on the home page and social media.

Those who want to continue sharing their thoughts after Election Day may also want to join Patch’s team of Local Voices columnists. Click here to sign up for your own blog.

And of course we will continue to welcome readers who just want to chime in the comments section at the bottom of articles.

So get those letters to the editor in. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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