Kiss Gutter Trash Goodbye!

Or rather, don't kiss it. Just wave.

With all the sun and warmth we've had, it has likely seemed odd to many that most streets in Southwest Minneapolis are still decked out in last year's leaves, pine needles, and a winter's worth of trash and grit. But, the long wait is over—next week, street sweeping begins in earnest. 

According to an interactive map published by the City of Minneapolis, some of Kingfield's, Windom's, and East Harriet's streets should be clean by this time, but most of the area's gutters won't see the caress of a brush until late April.

Roughly speaking, most east-west roads in Southwest Minneapolis will be dealt with during the week of April 23, with the exception of Linden Hills, which will be swept the week of April 30. Most north-south roads will be swept the week of April 16, save those in Lynhurst and Armatage, which will be taken care of over the week of April 23.

You can view a detailed interactive map here, to help you plan when to move your car.


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