How Do Minneapolis’ Taxes Compare to The Rest of The State?

Compare the community to nearby areas in Patch’s interactive chart.

Declines in tax levies should have Minneapolis residents seeing a more positive change in their tax bills than people in other communities, according to a Tuesday Minnesota Department of Revenue release of preliminary property tax levies.

State law requires local governments to set a preliminary levy by Sept. 15. After citizens have had an opportunity to learn about proposed tax levels at Truth-in-Taxation hearings, the governments must then set a final levy by Dec. 27. The final levy can be lower than the preliminary levy, but it can’t be higher.

(School district figures include voter-approved referenda.)

The City of Minneapolis levy is set to decrease by 0.9 percent compared to a 2.1 increase for cities across the state as a whole.

Similarly, Minneapolis school district taxes are scheduled to decrease by .27 percent compared to the overall state increase of 2.6 percent.

School levies were initially set to drop by $59 million statewide. But that changed last week when voters approved $119 million in new and renewed referenda, resulting in a $60 million increase.

Minneapolis did not have a referendum before voters this year.

Meanwhile, Hennepin County is also on track to fall below the statewide increase—0.98 percent compared to 1.5 percent.

The graphs above show the percentage changes for city, school district and county levies across the state. Compare your taxes to nearby areas or click on “Percent Change” to sort by the size of the increase. Then tell us in the comments section below how you feel about your taxes.

Mike B. November 20, 2013 at 06:47 PM
Minneapolis is a city where residents pay higher taxes and receive substandard city services. The reason? The evil nexus of liberal Democrat elected officials and unions. .


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