Hornstein, Greene To 'Nice-Off' In 2012 Election

Dibble-Kelash matchup for new state Senate seat uncertain.

State Rep. Frank Hornstein (DFL), and state Rep. Marion Greene (DFL) are both jumping into the race to represent much of Southwest Minneapolis despite being drawn in the same district by Tuesday's . Greene is in her first term in the legislature, while Hornstein has held his seat since 2002

“Minnesota is at a critical juncture," Green said in a statement. "We have a lot of work to do and I look forward to continuing to represent my constituents’ progressive values in the fight for equity.”

“Minnesota in 2012 is at a crossroads,” Hornstein said in his own statement. “In a time of mean-spirited politics and divisive, misguided constitutional amendments, I want to continue to be a passionate voice for social justice and progressive values.”

Hornstein also said he wanted to continue his work on transportation issues.

In an interview with Patch, state Senator Scott Dibble (DFL) said he had "no hesitation" in his decision to run for the redrawn state senate seat that would pit him against state Senator Ken Kelash (DFL), whose current district covers part of Southwest Minneapolis and much of Richfield. Kelash said he had to consult his family before deciding, but indicated he was examining whether or not he might move into Richfield so he and Dibble would not have to face each other. Kelash would have until May 5 to move.

Despite the many match-ups, Dibble told Patch that he felt the panel of judges who redrew legislative districts using 2010 census data did a "fair" job.

The redistricting order was brought about after the legislator and Governor Mark Dayton In drawing the new district lines, the panel sought to have each House member represent approximately 39,582 residents. 


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