Hayden Proposes Report on Mistreatment in Child Welfare System

Our weekly roundup of bills introduced by Southwest Minneapolis legislators.

Rep. Jeff Hayden (DFL-Minneapolis)

  • Hayden proposed a bill that would require the following: "The commissioners of human services, education, health, and corrections shall submit a joint report to the governor and the legislature by March 15, 2012, on a plan to improve children's well-being in the child welfare system." House File 1203.
  • Chief author of the House version of a bill proposed by Sen. Scott Dibble that would fund HIV education in at-risk communities. House File 1313.
  • Hayden was also chief author of a bill that allowed the state to issue bonds for community land trusts. House File 1257.

Rep. Frank Hornstein (DFL-Minneapolis)

  • Provided funds to transportation projects as an alternative to Republican proposals. Sen. Scott Dibble is carrying the bill in the Senate. House File 1267.
  • Hornstein is also chief House author of a bill designating April as "Genocide Awareness Month." House File 1206.


  • Chief authored a bill providing for transition activities and termination of a neighborhood revitalization program in a city of the first class.
  • Co-authored a bill terminating Hennepin County Soil And Water Conservation District and transferring certain duties.


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