Frank Hornstein, Democrat for House District 61A

Hornstein has focused his legislative career on transportation issues.

General Information

Name: Frank Hornstein

Age: 53

Place of Residence: 4344 Drew Ave South



Attended College: Yes

College: Macalester College

Degree: BA

Year of Graduation: 1981

Grad school

University: Tufts University

Area of Study: Urban and Environmental Policy

Year of Graduation:

Employment Information

Job titles held: Community Organizer (1981-1982), Executive Director (1985-1988), Co-Director (1988-1994), Founding Director (1994-1995), Founding Director (1995-2000), District 6 Representative (2000-2002).

Employers: Minnesota Citizen Organizations Acting Together (1981-1982), Jackson Heights-Elmhurst Jewish Council (1985-1988), Clean Water Action Alliance (1988-1994), Alliance for Metropolitan Stability (1994-1995), Jewish Community Action (1995-2000), Metropolitan Council (2000-2002).

Political Information

Party affiliation: Democratic Farmer-Labor

Running for a: State Office

Running for position: MN House of Representatives

Chamber/district: 61A

Incumbant: Yes

First elected: 2002

Previous elective offices: None

Unsuccessful bids for offices: None

Party HQ


Campaign Manager

Name : 

Title :


Website : Frankhornstein.org

Other facts

Hornstein is a veteran community organizer who is a former co-director and organizing director of Clean Water Action Alliance of Minnesota. He was the founding director of the Alliance for Metropolitan Stability, a coalition which has become a key player in regional policy debates, as well as the founding director of Jewish Community Action, which in recent years has reinvigorated the Jewish community’s participation in social justice causes. In addition, as a public school parent, he has been an elected member and co-chair of the Barton Open School Leadership Council. At the state legislature, Hornstein serves as DLF lead on transportation policy.


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