Ellison: I'm 'Inspired' By #OccupyMN Demonstrations

As the anti-Wall Street demonstrations get underway, Ellison voices support

U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison (DFL-MN), Southwest Minneapolis' representative in Congress, expressed support for the growing national movement centered on the Occupy Wall Street protests of recent weeks.On Facebook, Ellison wrote:

Inspired by the growing grassroots movement on Wall St and across the country. I join in the calls for corporate accountability and support their peaceful means to achieve them. ... This is the beginning of a genuine movement on Wall St, K St, and Main St.

At a Jobs Not Cuts rally on the east lawn of the U.S. Capitol Wednesday (), Ellison told a crowd:

We are experiencing a progressive revival. ... The American people are seeing millionaires and corporations sitting on record profits while the American Dream slips further out of their reach. America is no longer sitting quietly waiting for something to happen, they’re taking action now.

#OccupyMN, the Minnesota offshoot of the Occupy Wall Street demonstration began Friday morning in downtown Minneapolis. Organizers invited Ellison—who is among the first politicians in the country to back the movement. But the Minnesota Independent reported his office told them he would be in Washington for the beginning of the protest, which is set to continue for days or weeks.


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