Fridley Candidate Wrote 'Senate for US Minnesota' on Form in Filing Mixup

But Fadumo Yusuf also wrote '13' for district number and paid fee for state, not U.S., senate.

Take a look at the affadavit of candidacy form that Fadumo Yusuf of Fridley filed at the Minnesota Secretary of State's Office in St. Paul on Tuesday, the .

She told the St. Cloud Times Wednesday that but is now set to appear on the ballot in Senate District 13 instead—sixty miles from home.

The Affadavit
On the "Office Sought" line she clearly wrote "Senate for US Minnesota."

But then the form says "District #" and she wrote "13."

And Yusuf paid a filing fee of $100 cash, as shown in the upper right corner. That's the fee amount for a candidate for Minnesota Senate. The fee for U.S. Senate is $400, according to Patricia K. Turgeon, spokesperson for the Secretary of State's Office, who said the office has looked into what happened. 

A Secretary of State staffperson asked Yusuf which senate office she was applying for, Turgeon said Thursday, and Yusuf replied, "Minnesota."

Yusuf did not ask what the fee was for U.S. Senate, Turgeon said.

The Secretary of State's Office lists —all of them men, and none of them Yusuf.

Yusuf has not responded to a message left for her, but look for an update at Fridley Patch when she does.

Pam Reynolds June 07, 2012 at 03:34 PM
It's her error. All the info she needed to file properly is listed on the SOS web site. If she had questions about filing she should have asked someone. Many people don't know what the various districts they live in. The MN SOS has a search page for this info.
Chris Steller June 07, 2012 at 03:59 PM
Pam, I agree with you but I also sympathize with her. The form could do a better job of distinguishing federal vs. state offices with the same name. I bet this doesn't happen in states that call it the Assembly, or anything besides "Senate." I've run into this while writing posts here ... you have to be sure it's clear which senate your talking about. So
Chris David June 08, 2012 at 06:30 PM
What concerns me is that they allowed her to file for a district she doesn't live in. Why didn't they run her address and say, "uh, ma'am, you live in Fridley, that's SD41. So do you want to run for that seat, and represent Fridley in that building across the street, or are you talking about representing the entire state and flying to DC to do it?" I thought part of their job was to make sure we didn't have illegal candidacies like this.


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