Cuts to Renters Credits and Corporate Taxes Pass Senate

DFLers failed to defeat Republican tax proposals, which Minnesota Department of Revenue officials said would lead to higher property taxes over the next few years.

State Sen. Scott Dibble and other DFLers challenged Republican cuts to renters credits in the omnibus tax bill, which passed the Senate Tuesday 37-26.

“Why would we take this hit against people at the lowest end of the economic scale just to protect tax cuts for the wealthiest in this state”? Dibble asked. “These are dollars that people use for vital and essential needs: medicine, shoes, catching up on rent."

An amendment to restore renters credits failed along with an effort to create a fourth tier income tax for the state's wealthiest citizens.

The bill would reduce the amount of renters credit most people are eligible for and eliminate almost 19,000 people from receiving any rebate at all. 

Gov. Mark Dayton had asked lawmakers to vote against the Republican tax bill, which passed the House last week.

Dianne April 07, 2011 at 12:11 AM
It figures.....I'd just love to see one of those rich people walk a mile in my shoes...and survive on my income.....lmao...the one thing we can be sure of when luxeries are gone they won't be a ble to survive...at least us pay check to pay check or even worse off people already know how to make dinner out of nothing!!!!!
John Ferman April 07, 2011 at 02:10 PM
What we are seeing across the entire spectrum is Republican Schadenfreude at its very finest. I hope every non-voter last Fall remembers the Republican infliction of pain on our misfortunate neighbors.


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