Albertville City Council Candidate James Krutzig Withdraws

James Krutzig sent an email statement to St. Michael Patch Friday afternoon.

With less than a month before election day, Albertville City Council candidate James Krutzig has withdrawn from the election.

While his name will still be on the ballot due to the timing of his decision, Krutzig will not continue his campaign and has taken his name out of the running.

"This decision has come after a great deal of thinking it over and getting some good advice. Though I do believe I have the principles needed for good public service, I will admit I do not have he necessary familiarity with our local government that I do with other governmental levels. I think, for now,  I would better serve the public by helping other campaigns and lawmakers, getting to know the more about our local government and state government, and perhaps run again in the next election cycle," 23 year old Krutzig wrote in his email statement to Patch.

With Krutzig out of the running there are still five candidates on the ballot for the two open City Council seats.


Rick October 14, 2012 at 05:23 AM
Very mature decision James. Your decision should also be regarded by others who may be aspiring for a higher level of governance with little experience at their current level.
Mark Meehan November 10, 2012 at 11:36 AM
Many forget that it's about public service. You can sit around your water coolers and complain about how it should be, but until your willing to throw your hat in or register your complaints with your elected person it doesn't make it past the cooler. You can make a difference. The easiest way to make a difference is work locally with your councils. The audacity to say that the level of governess is dependent on experience has and will never understand public service. The people speak for example, and ask that their Administrator play by the same rules asked of his citizens (follow the law). When he doesn't he's let go. (read the CAFRS 2010 audit report for Albertville for one small nugget) This country was built, a government was formed called a representative republic. It was formed so few could act for many. We do our best to represent the people. A democratic election is time to elect those to represent, this is where democracy ends for most. Many in public service spend countless hours away from their families outside of our daily work to govern the city at the will of the people. We need more involved to help shape our great city to represent it's people! Those that have in the past and current I commend you all for your service!


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