Wrong Car At The Wrong Time

Thieves suspected of Calhoun-area car theft rob FBI car — and get caught.

Investigators believe two people last week broke into a car at 3712 Calhoun Parkway West, stealing a purse, a cell phone and credit cards, among other items.

Minneapolis Police and the FBI believe those thieves may have also broken into an FBI vehicle last Friday, stealing an agent's pistol, badge, credentials, personal credit cards and a watch.

Less than a week later, Milton Rucker Jr. and Tania Thompson stood before a federal judge in St. Paul, accused of stealing federal property and identity fraud.

Tracking the stolen credit cards, police identified the stolen cards's user and her car based on security camera footage from a gas station and a Target store. Police connected the car to the Calhoun Parkway robbery and to a failed break-in in Bloomington.

The FBI said they spotted the car parked in the driveway of a Cedar Lake Road apartment building. Answering the door, Thompson was arrested. Agents believe she matched the woman shown on the security footage. The Bureau said Thompson waived her Miranda rights and named Rucker as her accomplice in a number of other recent metro-area vehicle thefts.

The agent's gun, watch, credit cards, and credentials have been recovered, according to an FBI a press release. The agent's badge, though, and items stolen from the Calhoun Parkway break-in are still missing.

Christina Nelson July 29, 2011 at 02:07 PM
I had my wallet taken from the inside of my purse a few years ago. They spent over $13,000 in checks/credit cards. There was also identity fraud. At one point they took out an insurance policy listing me as the policy holder and themselves as the drivers. They listed their address and cars with plate numbers on it, of course the insurance co. called me later that day asking if I wanted to reinstate my camper back on the policy .... they used a co. I had used before! When we bought this info. to the police dept. they told us it was out of their jurisdiction ( crime happened in Richfield who didnt want to help either for same reason) and the offenders lived in St. Paul. To this day, despite years of fighting, I have marks on my credit report and can not write out checks to specific stores. I wonder if the FBI agent will deal with these things in years to come ... I dont think so, the court system will help them. This story taught me .... I should have been more important! (sarcasm inserted.)


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