Windom Man Mugged In CARAG

A roundup of police reports from Southwest Minneapolis on August 8.

Just before 1 a.m., officers of the Minneapolis Police Department were dispatched to the corner of Fremont Avenue South and 34th Street West on report of a mugging in progress. According to a police report of the incident, two unknown men approached the victim, took his wallet, and fled northbound on Freemont Avenue South before police could arrive. A police search of the area did not locate the suspects. The victim, a Wentworth Court resident, was treated at the scene by medics. A similar attack, described by police as a “strongarm robbery,” took place on the 6000 block of Nicollet Avenue South on Sunday.

A minivan tried to pass a sedan on the left at the intersection of 36th Street and Nicollet Avenue, as the sedan attempted a left-hand turn onto West 36th Street. Both cars were damaged in the late-afternoon collision.

A police patrol was flagged down by Cub Foods security around midnight to report a pair of suspicious shoppers. One turned to be 16 years old, and was cited for being out past curfew. The police report did not indicate what happened to the second shopper.

Officers ticketed a Bloomington resident for driving without proof of insurance after pulling her over when she failed to stop for a stop sign on the 400 block of West 58th Street around 2 a.m.

A Minneapolis resident got a ticket for driving without proof of insurance after police pulled him over on seeing his burnt-out headlight shortly after 10 p.m.

Police ticketed a second Minneapolis resident for driving without insurance after he ran a stop sign on the 4700 block of Grand Avenue South and was pulled over.

Police ticketed a 16-year old skateboarder riding down the 3200 block of Lyndale Avenue South shortly after midnight for being out past curfew. The high schooler was later released to his father.


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Anna Schier August 10, 2012 at 04:30 AM
It sounds like the police are really cracking down on the age curfew, what with the multiple citations issued here. Do you agree with the notion of legal ramifications for minors being out after hours?
Bruce Baird August 13, 2012 at 07:07 PM
They are preyed upon more than predators, but the night can help make many people come up with poor decisions, and a partially developed cortex doesn't help.


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