Kenny Firefighter Couple Hurt In Weekend Blaze

Kathrynne and Paul Baumtrog serve on separate engine crews, but both responded to Walker Methodist Fire.

Their neighbors in the Kenny neighborhood probably new it already, but Sunday's church fire surely cemented beliefs that their neighbors, Minneapolis Fire Department Capts. Kathrynne and Paul Baumtrog, were among the bravest in the city.

Both were injured alongside three of their colleagues after charging into a burning church in the Powderhorn neighborhood Sunday night. According to the Star-Tribune, Kathrynne was hit with a searing jet of flame called a flashover, which left her with burns on both arms and part of her face. She is currently recovering at HCMC. Paul suffered burns to his hands.

Paul and his crew of firefighters rushed back into the room where Kathrynne was, injured and disoriented. Amid the flame, they rescued her, and made sure members of another crew in the burning room had also escaped.

Sadly, the fire eventually consumed the entire church.

Anyone seeking to send cards or well wishes to the Baumtrogs or their injured colleagues should address them to the Minneapolis Fire Department:

c/o Minneapolis Fire Department
350 S. 5th St., Room 233
Minneapolis, MN 55415


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