Burglaries Hit Linden Hills, Lyndale

A roundup of burglaries and other property crimes committed in Southwest Minneapolis during the last week.

For a section of the city long accustomed to burglaries, this past week may be a welcome change. Despite the warm weather, which might have tempted residents to leave their ground-floor windows open, unsecured, and easy pickings to the enterprising intruder, only one residence and one garage had been burgled. Police did not say what was taken from the residence, a Linden Hills apartment, but they report a bicycle was taken from an unlocked garage on the 3300 block of Harriet Avenue South, in Lyndale.


May 14

A Minneapolis woman’s wallet was stolen while she was walking on the 6000 block of Nicollet Avenue. She described the man as a black male in his 40s, about 5-feet-8-inches tall, medium build, wearing a red hat.

A resident of the 5000 block of Harriet Avenue left his keys inside his locked cars outside his home. The window was broken and the car stolen.

An 86-year-old man living in the was the victim of credit card fraud after charges were made on the card he kept in a wallet in his bedroom drawer. He left his room unlocked.

A thief used credit cards stolen from a St. Paul woman to make more than $75 worth of purchases from .

A Minneapolis man lost his wallet while biking near the corner of 36th Street and Hennepin Avenue.

Change was stolen from a car parked in front of the home of residents of the 4500 block of Garfield Avenue. The thief left CDs, papers and a bike tool.

A bike locked to itself was stolen from the back of the apartment of a resident of the 3300 block of Colfax Avenue.

May 12

An Oakdale woman’s car’s rear window and outside mirror were smashed when she left it legally parked on the 3600 block of Colfax Avenue.

A Coon Rapids man was the victim of a hit-and-run after leaving his Chevy Equinox parked on the 3700 block of Bryant Avenue.

An apartment on the 4400 block of Upton Avenue was burglarized.

An Oakdale woman was caught shoplifting from the store on Penn Avenue.

A landscaping rock was used to break the window of a car parked on the 1200 block of 34th Street. An iPod, worth about $200, was stolen from inside the vehicle.

May 11

The driver-side window was broken on a car parked on the 3300 block of Girard Avenue.

A bicycle was burgled from the unlocked garage of a home on the 3300 block of Harriet Avenue.

May 10

A Brooklyn Park man saw a thief holding his GPS, sitting in his unlocked car, which he had parked on the 3200 block of Girard Avenue. The thief then ran eastbound and the Brooklyn Park man chased him unsuccessfully through a neighboring yard. He described the thief as a mid-20s black male, about 6-feet tall with short black hair and a full black backpack.

The truck of a resident of the 3400 block of Harriet Avenue was keyed down to the metal while it was parked outside the resident’s home.

A window was broken and tool bag stolen from a Plymouth man’s car in the parking lot of the Champion Ballroom at 53rd and Lyndale.

A Minneapolis man left his car parked down the block from during dinner and returned to the car to find the rear window broken and his backpack stolen.

May 9

After a resident of the 3600 block of Blaisdell Avenue lost his keys in his yard, his car was stolen.

Until convicted, all persons listed by police as suspected of committing a crime or listed as charged with a crime by county, state, or federal prosecutors should be considered innocent.

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