UPDATE: Police Release Names of Officers Shot in Friday Incident

Two officers were wounded, and the suspect and a motorcyclist were killed.

Editor's Note: The following is a Minneapolis Police Department release with updates from the May 10, 2013 incident where two officers were shot, the suspect was killed and a motorcyclist collided with a squad car. The update was sent out via e-mail Monday, May 13.


Updates on shooting, traffic fatality and officers identified  

from incidents on May 10, 2013


Preliminary indications are that the suspect was involved in an intense physical altercation with officers, including a K9.  At some point during the altercation the suspect tried to gain control of an officer’s firearm, which is an MP5.   Shots were fired during the struggle. Exactly who fired and how many times has not yet been determined. Autopsy results from the Hennepin County Medical Examiner are still pending as are forensics tests from evidence recovered in this case. Both are critical in helping our investigators gain a complete and accurate picture of what transpired yesterday afternoon.

 Traffic Fatality:

Initial reports from independent witness accounts, accident reconstruction, and video review show that the involved squad was travelling well below the posted speed limit as it approached the intersection and at the time of impact. It is clear from video evidence that the motorcycle struck the rear passenger side of the squad car as it proceeded through the intersection with red lights and siren both activated. 

 Comments for Chief Harteau:

"We are doing our best to be transparent and share information as quickly as possible, and I ask for the public's patience in allowing us the necessary time to thoroughly review and investigate.  We owe it to everyone involved and the general public to be thorough and disclose the facts as we get them, and not simply respond to speculation.  We have teams working around the clock and I have the utmost confidence in their ability and integrity to be thorough addressing even the smallest detail,” said Chief Harteau.

 Status of Officers and female motorcycle passenger:

“All 3 remain in satisfactory condition at HCMC. I spent time with the officers, the injured motorcyclist and their families again last night.  We ask that you keep them and their families in your prayers.  Also, I extend my deepest sympathies to the family and friends of the individual who lost his life yesterday in the motorcycle/squad car collision.  This is a tragic accident for everyone involved,” said Chief Harteau.

Names and information of MPD officers that were shot:

The two Minneapolis Police Officers that were shot yesterday are Officer Michael Meath and Officer Ricardo Muro. 

Officer Michael Meath joined the Minneapolis Police Department August 5, 2005. Officer Meath has served in the First, Second, Third and Fourth Precincts.  He is also a member of the MPD SWAT Team and is currently assigned to the 4th Precinct.

He has received a letter of recognition for his work in assisting an emotional disturbed male who had 2 knives and was threatening family members which included 3 young children.  The armed male lunged at officers at the scene and with no regard for his own safety, Officer Meath and other officers immediately rushed at the male and wrestled the knife away.  

Officer Meath also received a letter of recognition for his work in apprehending a suspect wanted for severely beating a small child.

In 2008, Officer Meath received a special award for his work at the 2007 35W Bridge Collapse.  Officer Meath worked at the Command Post which was established in record time; sustained 12-15 hour shifts and maintained the complex set of staffing requirements, including food, water and equipment.  These actions of the Command Post made the MPD reaction to the bridge collapse a national model of excellence for emergency preparedness and disaster response.

Officer Ricardo Muro joined the Minneapolis Police Department October 1, 2001.  He has worked in the Second, Third and Fourth Precincts and is a member of the SWAT Team.  He is currently assigned to the Third Precinct.

Officer Muro received the Life Saving Award in 2012 for his actions that saved a suicidal man from jumping off the Groveland Avenue Bridge.  His actions also saved a Minneapolis firefighter and other MPD officers from falling off the bridge.

Officer Muro was Special Operations Division Officer of the Month for April 2011 and October 2009. He received these awards for his dependability, dedication and overall performance in the SOD.  His work also resulted in the crime reduction efforts in Peavey Park.

Officer Muro received the Medal of Commendation in 2008 for his actions during a search warrant on a house.  As officers searched the 2nd floor of the home, a person hiding in a bedroom opened fire on the officers.  Officer Muro, who was assigned to the perimeter, entered the house to assist his fellow officers without the slightest hesitation for his own safety, knowing there was an armed gunman inside.


Editor's Note: The following is a Minneapolis Police Department press release with initial details of the May 10, 2013 incident that left two dead and two officers wounded.

Friday May 10, 2013: There were multiple critical incidents in a relatively short period of time in Minneapolis today.  At approximately 2:00pm this afternoon, 5th Precinct officers responded to 2743 Lyndale Avenue South on a call from a resident who saw a suspect who possibly burglarized the callers residence last week.

Officers responded to the area and located the suspect who then fled from the police in his vehicle, striking a marked MPD squad car and nearly striking another MPD officer on foot. The suspect vehicle crashed and the suspect fled into a neighborhood block. After setting up a perimeter, a resident reported his home had just been broken in to at 2717 Bryant Avenue South. Officers responded and a K-9 and his handler entered the residence. The K-9 located the suspect inside and while trying to apprehend the suspect, the suspect attacked the K9 and the handler.  Additional officers entered the residence to help the handler & his K-9. An intense struggled ensued and during the struggle, 2 assisting MPD officers were shot and wounded. The suspect was also shot and is deceased.  As the investigation continues, we have learned that the suspect has a lengthy arrest history.

Both wounded officers are in satisfactory condition at HCMC. The K-9 is now home with his handler.

Another MPD officer, who was responding to assist others in the shooting at 2717 Bryant Avenue South, was involved in a collision with a motorcycle occupied by two people at the intersection of 26th & Blaisdell Ave South. One of the occupants of the motorcycle, a male, is deceased and a female occupant is in satisfactory condition at HCMC. The officer was not injured. This is a tragic accident for everyone involved and Chief Harteau extends her sympathies to the family and friends of the individual who lost his life.

These are complex investigations that are on-going and still in the early stages. This has been a very difficult day for the Minneapolis Police Department and the residents of Minneapolis.


Mike B. May 13, 2013 at 07:20 PM
The motorcyclist is completely at fault. Who in his right mind drives blindly into an intersection, even if the light is green, when police cars have their lights on with sirens wailing? And the cyclist hit the police vehicle, and not the other way around. Some of the motorcylist's friends are blaming the police dept. This is an outrage! Any attempt to blame the police are ludicrous!
Katie McKezie May 14, 2013 at 01:21 AM
According to witnesses, Torrejon, the female passenger, was injured when the police SUV hit the back of the bike, throwing both riders off. Enrique Martin, a witness, said police were heading west on 26th Street and the motorcycle was going south on Blaisdell Avenue. Another witness interviewed by police, Kyndell Harkness, a Star Tribune photojournalist who witnessed the crash as she was on her way to the shooting scene, said she was passed by three police cars with lights flashing and sirens on that went through the red light at Blaisdell, where the motorcyclist had a green light. The first police car hit the motorcycle, she said;
Mike B. May 14, 2013 at 01:34 AM
Katie- I don't know of a good driver who goes through an intersection, even with a green light, and doesn't look both ways just to make sure there is no cross traffic. If a driver goes blindly through intersections, the law of averages over a lifetime will come back to haunt him. If a person doesn't look both ways, that person is gambling that a drunk, or distracted, driver won't be coming. I sure as heck wouldn't take that chance. I would also doubt the testimony and hearsay of a Star-Tribune employee. The Red Star is deservedly known as a rabidly anti-police rag, and I'm afraid such an employee would be very, very biased against the Minneapolis police.
Mark Lowry May 15, 2013 at 07:16 PM
The police report states that video evidence will show the bike hit the squad. How long will that take to become public?


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