Suspect Charged In Attack On Officers

Marsenior Pede Johnson faces two counts of attempted second degree murder.

The man arrested for trying to kill two Minneapolis Park Police officers late Tuesday night has been charged.

Marsenior Pede Johnson has been charged with two counts of second-degree attempted murder for using a fake 911 call to lure officers to the intersection of West Minnehaha Parkway and Bryant Avenue South, on the southern end of the Bryant Avenue footbridge in Lynnhurst.

The police account of the incident is posted above. After shooting him, police arrested Johnson and transported him to Hennepin County Medical Center.

"I wanted to hurt some cops," Johnson told police, according to the charging documents. 

Minneapolis Police Department spokesperson Sgt. William Palmer announced the charges in an email to reporters Thursday afternoon. Palmer said police had not information about Johnson's motive. However, Johnson has stretching back to 1996 and was most recently arrested on July 13 for one felony count of first-degree damage to property. The charges were dismissed on August 16.

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