Driver Flees Crime Scene After Ridiculous Parking Job

Car was deposited on Kingfield street with the flair of a drunken actor.

Sometime late Saturday night or early Sunday morning, a car parked on the 4300 block of Garfield Avenue South was damaged by another driver maneuvering down the street. 

In most cases, the perpetrator and their car make a clean getaway, never to be seen again save a few pieces of colored plastic left behind on the asphalt. 

When police arrived to take a report on the incident, though, they noticed the offending car seemed to have left a puddle of what the report officers later filed called "fluid" on the ground next to the damaged car. A small trail of the same fluid could be seen leading down the block. Letting the unnamed fluid be their guide, police followed the stream down the street.

It led them to a 2000-model Ford on the opposite side of Garfield Avenue. Its front end was smashed up. One tire sat hooked on top of the curb. Its back end lay sprawled in the driving lane, the car resting at a 45-degree angle to the road. 

Though perhaps dizzy from their exuberant parking job, the Ford's driver remembered to lock the vehicle before disappearing into the night.

Police impounded the Ford.


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