Police Blotter: Seven People in a Car Are Too Many

This blotter covers only a fraction of police reports filed in Southwest Minneapolis from June 5-9. All details come from Minneapolis Police Department reports.

June 9: A car burglarized on the 4400 block of York Avenue South overnight. The driver's side window was broken, and someone went through papers in the glove compartment.

June 9: Police were called to a suspected burglary at a house on the 4900 block of Grand Avenue South the day before. Police spoke to a 15-year-old minor but no arrests were made.

June 9: Someone tried to wrench open the security door of an apartment building on the 3800 block of Garfield Avenue South, but didn't gain entry.

June 9: A resident on the 3500 block of Harriet Avenue South reported that two people had cut the kitchen screen and entered her apartment, stealing some items around 9 p.m. She saw the two suspects flee as she returned home, but police couldn't locate them.

June 9: A California man reported that his brief case, including an Ipad, had been stolen from his rental car two days before on the 5400 block of Penn Avenue South.

June 9: A contractor left his wallet, GPS and iPhone in his unlocked truck while checking on a worksite on the 4600 block of Dupont Avenue South the day before. The items were stolen.

June 8: Five people who weren't of drinking age were ticketed after police found them drinking and swimming in Lake Calhoun around 2 a.m.

June 8: Police responded to reports of a fight on the 3700 block of Upton Avenue South. Two 17-year-old females were ticketed for underage consumption.

June 7: A car on the 3400 block of Bryant Avenue South caught fire a little after 5:30 a.m. Minneapolis police and fire took care of the blaze.

June 7: Police responded to a call from the Church of Universal Triumph on Nicollet Avenue that a suspect had stolen $50 from a cash register.

June 7: A car was stolen from the 4100 block of Lake Harriet Parkway at about 4 p.m. Police are investigating.

June 7: A 33-year-old man called police after he said he was threatened on the 3500 block of Nicollet Avenue South about 9 p.m.

June 7: A man stole approximately $30 from a tip jar at Crema Cafe. Patrons followed him to the YMCA on Blaisdell Avenue South and learned his identity. Police are investigating.

June 6: Police responded to a silent alarm at South Lyndale Liquors around 10 p.m. the night before. Upon arriving, police pulled over a car in the parking lot, noting that there were seven total occupants, many of whom appeared to be underage. Officers cited one 13-year-old occupant for curfew violations, and cited the driver for the number of passengers.

June 6: A police car was involved with an accident with an unoccupied, parked vehicle on the 3100 block of Lyndale Avenue South around 9 a.m. The case is pending further investigation.

June 6: A 20-year-old woman was arrested after being accused of making threats by her 17-year-old neighbor in Kingfield. The suspect is also a distant relative of the victim. 

June 6: A woman was gardening in her yard on the 4300 block of Lake Harriet Parkway when a stranger returned her wallet, saying it was found a few blocks away. The victim had left her purse and wallet just inside the front door and thought someone had walked in and grabbed it while she was outside gardening after 9:30 a.m.

June 6: A truck parked overnight on the 4000 block of Blaisdell Avenue South was shot in the window with a bb-gun.

June 5: The garage of a house on the 5000 block of Girard Avenue South was broken into a few days before through an unlocked side door.

June 5: A 30-year-old Linden Hills resident was arrested after allegedly threatening his girlfriend with a cosmetic blade and not allowing her to leave the house.

June 5: A 57-year-old grandmother in Linden Hills called police to report being assaulted by her grandson. She refused medical treatment.

June 5: A car was broken into on the 4500 block of Lake Harriet Parkway in the late afternoon.


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