Police Blotter: Attempted Burglaries of Cars Reported

This blotter covers only a fraction of police reports filed in Southwest Minneapolis from June 16-22. All details come from Minneapolis Police Department reports.

June 16: The window of a vehicle parked on the 4800 block of Lake Harriet Parkway East, in Fulton, was smashed while the owner went to the park at about 4:30 p.m.

 June 16: In Windom, on the 5900 block of Nicollet, police arrested a Minneapolis man on misdemeanor charges of theft and disorderly conduct. The man, 26, was intoxicated and uncooperative with police, who had to treat him with exposure to chemical aerosol after he was taken into custody. Police eventually transported the man home.

 June 16: In Lynnhurst, on West 54th Street, police arrested a man with an outstanding warrant. They pulled him over after noticing a suspicious vehicle with a cracked windshield driving slowly through an alley. The warrant was for a felony parole violation.

 June 17: Police were dispatched to the 4500 block of Nicollet Avenue South, in King Field, on reports that a car window had been smashed. A brick was inside the vehicle. Police cited a Richfield man, 28, on misdemeanor charges of damage to property. The man stated that he broke into the car because he was intoxicated and needed somewhere to sleep. Police released the man.

 June 17: Police cited a Southwest Minneapolis boy for running away from home and violating curfew, misdemeanors. Near 11:00 p.m., police had received a report that the boy, 14, was missing. He eventually returned home. When officers attempted to talk to him, he yelled that he did not want to talk and demanded that they leave his room.

 June 19: A Linden Hills woman was the victim of credit card fraud. The woman, 57, reported that someone ordered a laptop from Dell on her card and sent it to a California address. The only time she used the card was to place an order from a florist in Pasadena, Ca. The florist did not believe any employees there used the card.

 June 20: In Windom, police arrested a Rosemount man, 28, on misdemeanor narcotics charges. Police were dispatched to the 200 block of West 61st Street on report of a suspicious vehicle. They discovered the man had approximately 24 grams of marijuana in it.

 June 21: In Tangletown, police arrested three females, 27 to 31, on misdemeanor theft charges. Two of the women had taken packs of cigarettes from a Holiday gas station on the 5400 block of Nicollet while the other distracted an employee, who eventually got the license plate number of the vehicle of the women. Police cited and released the women.

 June 21: On the 2500 block of West 56th Street, police cited two men and a boy on narcotics and paraphernalia possession charges. The officers could smell pot as the drove up to Armatage Park. They cited the men, 18, and boy, 16, with petty misdemeanors for the narcotics violations and misdemeanors for paraphernalia possession before releasing the three.

 June 21: Police arrested a Kenny man for assaulting the woman he lives with. They cited him with domestic assault in the 5th degree, a misdemeanor.

 June 22: A vehicle parked on the 4600 block of Chowen Avenue South, In Linden Hills, was damaged overnight. A woman heard a car zip around a corner before hearing a “big crash” overnight. She looked out her window but didn’t see anything. The next morning she found a white marble on the floor of her car that wasn’t previously there.

 June 22: Also in Linden Hills, a woman reported damage to her vehicle, parked on the 3100 block of West 46th Street. The next morning she noticed her window was smashed, with glass strewn over the drivers seat. A neighbor had told her she heard teenagers making a lot of noise the previous night.

 June 22: Diamond Lake Hardware in Tangletown reported a theft. A suspect stole a Dewalt cordless drill and bolted.

June 22: A Linden Hills business located on the 3300 block of West 44th Street reported to police that someone shot a hole through its window. The hole appeared to be made by a BB gun or pellet gun, said police, who found no BBs or pellets on the scene.  

Peter D. June 24, 2011 at 06:36 PM
Again, thank you for posting this information. We get so little info from our crime prevention specialist, about crime in SW Minneapolis. It's good to know someone does their job. Thank you SW Patch!!


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