Man Convicted In Lynnhurst Stabbing

Marsenior Pede Johnson faced of two counts of attempted murder for attacking Park Police officers.

Thursday, a jury convicted a man of attempted murder for attacking two police officers by the banks of Minnehaha Creek last summer, according to the Associated Press.

Around 11:45 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 21, Marsenior Pede Johnson lured two Minneapolis Park Police officers to the corner of Bryant Ave and Minnehaha Parkway, on the south side of the creek, by calling 911 and claiming he'd just been mugged at knifepoint.

When a pair of Park Police officers showed up and approached him, he lunged at Officer James Huber, his knife glancing off the cop's bulletproof vest. While the Huber recovered from the blow, Johnson burried his blade in Officer Katherine Hammes' shoulder. As she dropped to the ground, Johnson made a move to stab the officer again. Before he could, Huber drew his pistol and shot Johnson three times.

In the hospital,

The AP reports that Johnson's trial will now move into a second phase to determine whether he was mentally ill when he attacked Hammes and Huber.

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