Man Chases Woman From House, Steals Car

Police chased suspect away after alleged domestic assault.

Answering the door of her home on the 5900 block of Washburn Avenue South, an Armatage resident found a man standing on her doorstep. 

According to the Minneapolis Police Department incident report, the man quickly began to yell at her, and slapped her twice in the head and neck. Despite the man's verbal and physical assaults, the woman managed to call police.

When a police car arrived, the suspect took off running, officers hot on his heels. During the chase, officers lost sight of the suspect and couldn't locate him after combing the neighborhood. The man must not have gone far—as soon as police departed the scene, he returned to the woman's home.

Upon seeing him again, she fled out her door and down the street, only to be pushed down by her attacker. The man then stole her purse and keys, and drove off in her car.

The police report did not state whether or not the woman knew the man, but officers filed their brief as a case of domestic assault.


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