Is That a Soccer Mom? No, It's a Police Officer

MPD takes delivery of new cop cars that look—at least superficially—like soccer mom-mobiles.

When scanning your rear-view mirror for Minneapolis Police Department cars the next time you realize you're speeding or when you're looking for help, don't look for an old Ford Crown Victoria with flashing lights.

Recently, Minneapolis Police Department took delivery of a handful of new 2013 Ford Explorers optimized for police use. Some of the department's Crown Victorias are at the end of their useful lives, and Ford has decided to discontinue making the police version of the model.

According to an announcement from the department, the new cruisers' four wheel drive is expected to be helpful in the ice and snow. In addition, the SUVs will have more room for police gear. 

Alongside a the Explorers, Minneapolis cops will soon get their hands on a number of Chevrolet Caprice police cruisers in early 2013.


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