France Ave Driver Reports Being Shot At

BB gun or slingshot suspected.

As a St. Paul resident had stopped at the intersection of West 45th Street and France Ave South on Sunday, she heard "a loud noise," according to a report filed by Minneapolis police officers.

She looked around, couldn't discover the sound, and drove off. When she arrived at home around 1:50 p.m., however, she realized her vehicle's back window was covered in a spiderweb of cracks. A small, hole had been punched out.

According to the police report, the driver suspected someone on the sidewalk had thrown something at her car using a slingshot, or fired at her with a BB gun.

Other Incidents - Jan. 15

Officers attempting to pick up a 16-year old Lyndale resident on a pair of outstanding felony warrants around 8 p.m. wound up canvassing the area around the 3400 block of Stevens Avenue South until the young man turned himself in.

A 30-year old man was robbed at the corner of West 46th Street and Bryant Ave South shortly after 9 p.m.

A 16-year old was arrested and booked into the Juvenille Detention Center around 9:30 on charges relating to stolen property and the possession  of a stolen motor vehicle.

A house on the 4800 block of Harriet Ave. South was broken into during the afternoon. Residents told police they came home to find the door frame detached from the house and lying on the floor, and muddy footprints on their door. However, the door was still closed and all valuables in their proper places.

A resident of the 3200 block of 1st Ave. South told police his car was stolen around 1:30 p.m., when he had started it and went inside for 5 minutes, with the intention of letting the car warm up. When he returned outside moments later, the car was gone.

Other Incidents — Jan. 14

A basketball player at the Blaisdell Ave. YMCA told police his cellphone and wallet were stolen while he shot hoops. He had hidden both in his sweatshirt, which was underneath a friend's coat.

Marijuana was found in the possession of a 17-year old Southwest High School student around 11:30 a.m. The student was sent home.

Police responding to a prowler report on the 5300 block of Emerson Ave. South cited two juveniles for being out past curfew.

A car parked on the 1000 block of West 53rd Street was broken into overnight.


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