Car Flees Scene of Accident; Towed By Police

One driver got more than a ticket for his offense.

The Minneapolis Police Department will do more than ticket a car for fleeing the scene of an accident, apparently.

It started out as a fairly ordinary fender-bender. Wednesday, a car driving along Lake Harriet Parkway West clipped another car, according to a report filed by Minneapolis police officers. Like an unfortunately large number of drivers, though, the offending vehicle just kept rolling.

Continuing down the road, the driver eventually pulled into a parking spot on the 4100 block of Lake Harriet Parkway West, got out of his car, and walked. 

By this time, the damaged car's owner showed up and called police. When they arrived, two witnesses stepped forward and led officers to the car they said had fled the scene. Unable to find its driver, police siezed the guilty vehicle and had it towed.

Soon, though, a 66-year old Coon Rapids resident approached officers as he searched for his car.

According to the police report, officers confirmed the man was the driver they were looking for, then cited and released him, presumably after giving him walking directions to the Minneapolis impound lot.

byron anfinson July 27, 2012 at 11:57 AM
love the "presumably" part of this article.


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