Burglars Smash Into SW Minneapolis Storage Units

Kingfield, Tangletown both hit.

First they , now they’ve hit storage units. Over the last five days, burglars have pried and kicked their way into storage units across Southwest Minneapolis.

Late Sunday night, according to a report filed by the Minneapolis Police Department, unknown burglars kicked in the door of a storage shed behind an apartment building on the 3500 block of Nicollet Avenue South. The damage was so severe, the report said, that the door was damaged and the lock was “destroyed” by the blows.

In an unusual twist, though, the resident who reported the crime said that nothing seemed to be stolen—the several motorcycles and other items in the outbuilding were still there. As the door couldn’t be re-locked, police boarded the shed as a precaution against further burglaries.

Early Friday morning, sometime before 10 a.m., a burglar crept into the laundry room of an apartment building on the 4800 block of Nicollet Avenue South.  By the time he or she left, the doors of nine storage lockers filled with residents’ belongings lay swinging wide on their hinges after their locks had been pried off. As police were unable to ascertain which building residents owned which lockers, officers left messages for victims inside each locker, and canvased the area and the building, without success. Without victims to inventory each locker’s contents, police were unable to determine if things had been taken from any individual locker.


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