UPDATED: Sen. Dibble Among Those Present at Boston Marathon

Reports and updates on the reported explosions on Boylston Street near the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

Last update: 4 p.m. Monday, April 15, 2013

The 2013 Boston Marathon that has been rocked by two explosions near its finish line Monday afternoon.

*According to the race's website, dozens of Southwest Minneapolis residents were registered as entrants for the race, including Sen. Scott Dibble. MPR tweeted that Dibble was reported safe by his office around 3 p.m. Monday:

"State Sen. Scott Dibble running Boston Marathon today reported safe. Office says he was far away from finish line when explosions occurred."

Patch searched the race database using Southwest Minneapolis zip codes, and found the following participant names:


  • Scott A. Huston, 48;
  • Cory Mahlke, 37;
  • Anne Marshall, 21;
  • Aaron Meyer, 35;
  • Evan Reed, 41;
  • Brandy Scherr, 36;
  • Kevin Ueland, 35;
  • Peter Wentzel, 46.


  • Ramses Y. Armendariz, 30;
  • Rich Butwinick, 49;
  • Teresa Callahan, 51;
  • Bjorn E. Erickson, 33;
  • Joe Litsey, 43;
  • Patrick D. Schulte, 44;
  • Scott M. Sutherland, 42;
  • Lynn M. Wilbur, 44;
  • Lindsey R. Wild, 30;
  • Michael Winner, 34.


  • Scott Dibble, 47;
  • Joy N. Esboldt, 26;
  • Amber N. Garry, 33;
  • Lydia M. Greis, 27;
  • Laura W. Hackbarth, 25;
  • Jennifer M. Laubach, 33;
  • Natasha M. Mathias, 31;
  • Marcelo Ordaz-Cruz, 32;
  • Brittany M. Pentek, 22;
  • Kelly N. Pierson, 24;
  • Brian Polson, 25;
  • Bill Rogers, 61;
  • Kaila Sawochka, 26;
  • Tom Stadelman, 30.


  • Paula Maczko Grosenick, 45;
  • Caitlin P. McNamara, 23;
  • David R. Peterson, 42.

Reports and pictures from the reported explosions at the Boston Marathon today are coming in via Twitter and Facebook. Reload this article as Patch pulls together more reports from social media in a Storify window above (use scroll bar at right) or at Storify.com.


If you know the status of a Minneapolis resident who is at the Boston Marathon, share the information in the comments section below.

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