The Honorable President: Barrack Obama

Here's to War!
Here's to War!

Sept 1st, 2013



To: The Honorable President:  Barrack Obama

       The White House
      1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
      Washington, DC 20500


From: DAV -- Past-Vice Commander:  Fox Muldeer


Re: Congress on Vacation


Dear, Honorable Mr. President:

      I believe, this could be a test between yourself and god, with this Syrian crisis? That’s why god, has not included the Congress in on this situation and only, you, Vice President Biden, and Secretary of State; Mr. Kerry, have been chosen to act?

       Much like faith? I have to concur as well; that the Congress may-not be, to the interest of: “Crimes against Humanity” in this situation. So, what I’m saying is, they very well might as well, (stay on vacation,) Mr. President!

      Just like the British decision not to participate against Syria! I found that appalling, Mr. President - an utter disgrace against the human race with the <<<UK>>> leading the way!

      If our Congress; ends up being just another (UK,) on this situation in Syria and votes not to do anything? I’m afraid, I will have voted, for the very last time for congress members!

      Please Mr. President: Don’t Sir, let these already (bad decisions) by; the UK, Russia and China affect the right outcome of this matter in Syria? They are trying to elude you, sir, in making the wrong decision which is, doing nothing!

        The UK, Russia and China are hoping you’ll do nothing so, the world will (keep its dark cloud of evil) hovering over the world! It’s up to you Mr. President!

                           Your call Sir…?


Sincerely Yours,


Fox Muldeer

A fan of President; Obama

Past-Vice Commander of DAV’s Chapter #93


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