Pet of the Week: Brody Needs Minnesota Love!

Let’s find a home for this week’s Pit Bull Terrier Mix and Australian Cattle Dog.

Being a newbie in a whole different town is hard enough, but imagine if you didn’t even have a place to call home sweet home?  This week’s featured pet is dealing with that very hardship and we’re hoping you can help change that for him.

Brody is 1 ½ years old. As of this week, he has been up for adoption for a month. That is much longer than most dogs at the . He came from another animal shelter down in Oklahoma, so he’s been spending most of his time getting acclimated to the Minnesota landscape and weather.

From running around and digging in the snow, Brody is having a blast outdoors. He enjoys daily walks and playing tag. In fact, this furry guy is all about being adventurous, active, and full of zest!

But there’s one thing Brody loves even more than the outdoors – treats! If you want to get his undivided attention, just make sure to have some delicious treats handy! He loves treats and will stop on a dime to stare at the treat and even knows how to wait patiently for the treat to be given to him! Adorable!  

While his past is unknown, those who meet him for the first time will know that his future is extremely bright.  I have a huge hunch he’s due for some good quality Minnesota lovin’ very soon!

Let’s get Brody adopted and make this newbie finally feel at home!

Brody’s Adoption Link: 



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