Parents Talk: Getting Kids Back Into 'School' Mode

Do your kids resist going back to school, or are they ready to get back into the routine? How do you get them ready?

The start of the school year is a couple weeks away, and it crept up faster than we might realize (what happened to June and July?). Are your kids ready to get back into the school routine?

Share your thoughts with other parents on:

  • How soon you start shifting your kids back into "school" mode—the daily routine of waking up early, shuffling out the door, partaking in after-school activities, doing homework, getting a good night's sleep.
  • Whether your kids resist going back to school, or if they're excited to get back to the grind.
  • Helpful tips you have for parents whose kids might be more combative (or even for parents who have a hard time with their kids leaving for the day).

Post your thoughts in the comments section below and start the conversation with other area parents.


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