It seems like every time I drive down any block in Armatage, Linden Hills, Fulton,and many others, there is a scare or two on the block. A home has been torn down to make way for a new bigger expensive cookie cutter home. It like part of the neighborhood's soul is being torn apart each time a home is torn down.  I don't understand why folks are buying these homes. I wish I knew. And I don't understand all of the different builders who are so lazy as to build the homes just like the last home they built. There are several homes (just look on 51st and Upton Ave S) that are similar in build and the colors are just a shade different. Why would anyone want to have a home just like the house a few doors down? And why would builders want to be so  dull? There is no attempt to blend in the the neighborhood that the new McMansion is going into. Why? I would welcome dialog from builders, buyers of these McMansions and those of us who dislike them. Thanks Sue Jacobson


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