Mark Andrew urges the Minnesota Orchestra management to accept independent proposal, urges both sides to “get it done.”

September 19, 2013 (MINNEAPOLIS) - Mark Andrew, candidate for Minneapolis mayor, released the following statement about the stalled negotiations currently underway between the musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra and their management.

“We stand on the verge of untold damage, both short- and long-term, being done to one of our most important cultural and community institutions. Truly, we are at a point of crisis.

I urge both sides to get it done. I urge management to accept the proposal set forth by former Senator George Mitchell, which is independent, forward looking, and our best hope for a long-term solution.

Proceeding with Former Senator Mitchell’s plan would ensure the continued leadership of Osmo Vänskä through this time. It would enable the Orchestra to keep its prestigious date at Carnegie Hall -- a priceless opportunity to showcase its reputation on the world stage. It would permit the world-class Minnesota Orchestra to move into the newly renovated world-class Orchestra Hall.

World-class culture is essential to the vitality and identity of our city and region. We cannot risk losing our orchestra. We are better than this. Long-term, as mayor, I will work to rebuild trust among musicians, management and patrons to ensure this essential institution is thriving and growing. I am committed to supporting and building the Minnesota Orchestra and our entire arts community in Minneapolis.”


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